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Mick Rosenblum

Michael (Mick) Rosenblum has been tutoring professionally for more than twenty-eight years. He attended both the University of Nebraska at Omaha and San Diego State University and, in 1981, graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Zoology and an emphasis in Invertebrate Biology. After graduation, Mick began his education career as an employee of the San Diego Unified School District where he assisted teachers, prepared chemistry and biology labs, and taught classes in a wide variety of disciplines. Teachers and administrators, alike, appreciated Mick’s mastery of many disciplines (math, science, English, and even industrial arts) and would employ his talents in a wide variety of classroom settings.

Remarkably, Mick began to hone his tutoring skills at the young age of fifteen. He fondly remembers sitting in his high school cafeteria for several hours a day, three or four days a week accommodating dozens of students who found themselves foundering in their attempts to comprehend their assigned coursework. “Before I could finish my lunch,” he recalls, “a line of anxious classmates would form behind me eagerly soliciting my help.” Years later, while working for the San Diego Unified School District during the day, Mick began tutoring students privately in the evenings and on weekends.

In 1983, Mick established his first professional tutorial service, AA TUTORS, launching his full-time tutoring career. In 1997, he opened A-ACADEMICS, a somewhat larger tutoring operation, that housed both his tutorial business and his publishing activities. Today, Mick Rosenblum is regarded as San Diego’s most experienced private tutor and test preparation specialist and has written SAT MAGIC (first, second, and third editions) that are among the best SAT prep courses in the world.

“I  started working with Mick more than twenty-five years ago when I was in middle school. He tutored me in most of my coursework all the way through high school (including SAT preparation). When I graduated, in 1987, Mick was the only non-relative whom my family invited to my graduation celebration . . . that’s how much we appreciated him and how important he was to my success!"

Carl Schroeder (2008 San Diego Chef of the Year; owner: Market Restaurant and Bar; owner: Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant)

Over the years, Mick Rosenblum has helped both our son and  daughter with their schoolwork and test preparation. When we hired Mick in 2003, Mick's coursework tutoring really made a difference in our son's grades, and Mick’s wonderful SAT program improved our daughter's SAT score by a whopping three hundred points! Her score was considerably higher than she expected it to be, and it earned her acceptance into the college of her choice. We are thrilled with the results!"

Mark Newcomb (Airline Pilot) and

Ellie Newcomb (Veterinarian)

"Back in 1996, I asked Mick to help me with some of my high school courses. He really made a difference in my understanding the coursework and in maintaining my grades over the next three years. His SAT Magic course helped me to improve my SAT score dramatically and, as a result, I was accepted into a fine university. I can give Mick my highest recommendation."

Blair S. (Attorney at Law)

"Mick provided superb advice, guidance, and coursework as my daughter prepared for her SAT, ACT, and Subject tests. Not only did he help her with her SAT test prep, but he advised her as to when to take the tests in order to maximize her scores. Interestingly, Mick was the only person who told us about the SAT Language with Listening tests (offered in November only); excellent advice!"

Victor Seikaly (Physician)