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By applying his extensive experience in a one-to-one approach, Mick is able to achieve substantial results in limited time. When you hire Mick Rosenblum and A-Academics, you can feel confident that you have the best private teacher in San Diego County.

A-Academics' founder, Mick Rosenblum, has remained at the forefront of personalized tutoring throughout his career, and is one of only a few private teachers who have written coursework material. He applies a curriculum proven through more than thirty years of remarkable results.

Mick operates A-Academics as a personal tutorial service, working directly with each student. Unlike so many other tutorial services, A-Academics is not and has never been a franchise or referral service.

Working directly with each student, Mick develops an understanding of a student’s strengths and weaknesses. He also considers the student's unique personality in order to tailor his teaching to address a client's specific needs.


More than

30 Years of

Proven Results






Established in 1983, A-Academics is the longest running tutorial service in San Diego County.

Based on a mastery of subject material, Mick

Rosenblum has developed exclusive course materials and study guides solely for his students.

Working one-to-one with each student, Mick tailors both coursework and curriculum, enhancing student performance with a minimum investment in tutorial time.

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