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What is Individualized Tutoring?

Individualized tutoring is the process by which Mick gets to know the student. Through subject examinations, study skills review, and a personality assessment he is able to design a specific curriculum for each student. This process enables the student to progress in a timely manner and develop the skills necessary to assimilate coursework and increase test scores.

Private Tutor

Each student works directly with Mick Rosenblum. He tutors at his office within an environment that is both comfortable and tailored to effective learning. By working from a central location, Mick is able to call on a multitude of educational tools and techniques in order to address a clients' specific needs as they arise. It also allows him to work with the student in an uninterrupted, quiet learning environment, maximizing the student's focus and concentration.

Private Group

A-Academics also offers group tutoring for two or more students. This an excellent way for students who are studying the same coursework to enhance each other's learning experiences. A-Academics has special reduced pricing for group services, so you can pair-up with a friend (or a group of friends) and save money.

Online Tutoring

A-Academics on-line tutoring is now available. The student can work directly with Mick through video conferencing. The tutoring sessions take place on a prearranged schedule during which a student can simply submit his or her completed coursework, via email, either prior to or during the tutoring appointment.

Individualized Tutoring