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Educational Articles by Mick Rosenblum

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Please Note:The information contained in these articles is based solely upon my experience as a private teacher, tutor, and advisor. Please do not use any of these articles or the information therein, or any other single source of information, to make important educational decisions. Instead, please conduct your own research and consult all appropriate sources before making any decision or coming to any conclusions.

Mick Rosenblum

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Seniors: Start your College Applications Now

Seniors: Visit Your Favorite Colleges during your Summer Trips

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Publication Excerpts from:  A-Academics' Simplified Organizational System

Student or Honeybee? (Essential Education Skills for all Students)

Is Your Child the “Typical Student?”

Let’s Get Organized (A Simplified Organizational Approach for all Students)

The Shopping List (An Educational Tool Purchasing Guide for Parents and Students)

Student Grade Sheets (How to Keep Track of Student Progress and Minimize Teacher-Generated Grading Errors)

The Student Filing System (An Easy Way to Store and Retrieve Student Papers and Documents)

The Organized Student Binder (What Works and What Doesn’t)

The Student Backpack (The Importance of Getting Essential Coursework to and from School)

SAT and ACT Articles